Winter is coming! Prepare your bike!

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Winter is coming! Prepare your bike!
  1. Mudguards
    With little sun to dry the roads either, mudguards will protect you and your riding buddies from the cold and dirty water kicked up by your tyres on roads which remain wet long after it’s stopped raining.
  2. Winter Tyres
    Punctures are a fact of life for cyclists and, unfortunately, increasingly likely in winter with debris (glass, flints and the like) washed onto wet roads.
  3. Lights
    Good lights are essential, then, and we’d advise keeping them on your bike throughout winter as it can remain gloomy even in the middle of the day.
  4. Frame Pump
    A spare inner tube is no use without a pump – and fitting a frame pump to your bike ensures you’ll never be without in winter.
  5. Keep it Clean
    There are two unavoidable facts about winter riding – your bike will get dirty, and it will not like it.

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